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{Big girl Panties & Sneak Peek Fall Mantle}

…….{ Just a “Sneak” @ my Fall Mantle}……

I wanted a ” theme “ for my mantle….what can I say? it works for me…so far 

The verse that God brought to mind was Psalm 120:5 ~ so I created AROUND this theme….you will see on October 1!!!

HARVEST is a word  that has a BIGGER and DEEPER meaning than just “harvesting” a crop of corn…as you will see when I unveil my mantle. 

I am posting tomorrow on HOW “I” AM CREATING MY SPACES…which is very funny to me since I have never created spaces like I am now….its really not about” just “ the decor at all….

When I started this blog it is about me stopping and asking the deep hard questions of myself that have longed to be answered years ago…my little girl heart has ruled many of my choices in life.


the possibilities are limitless and all that I will discover and learn…I’m ready.

Much of the creating I am doing comes from a spiritual foundation…my whole being is involved…mistakes and all.

I’ll stop giving a sermon now and get on with the project….LOL!  It is simple and hope you enjoy:) 

I cut out the letters on my Cricut … I think on a 5 and then repeated it with the black card stock on a 4 ~ then just overlapped the two and hot glued. { super simple!} It needed more so I ” painted the edges with cream acrylic…still needed more ~ so I randomly brushed a mix of Behr French Roast & another taupe color over the top of each letter.  Hole punched for the wire to run through wrapped some jute around the ends and tied them off with some sweet orange & black gingham ribbon.  I secured it with command strip hooks so it doesn’t damage my mantle.

Can YOU find the “funny saying” on the newsprint?  ALL of my family caught it right off the bat!  I put it there intentionally….Old Farmers Almanacs make for GOOD READING!  See Below for the OOPS:)


October 1 ~ House of Belongings First Annual Fall Mantle Debut!!  Can’t wait to share!  See you soon:)

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LOOK at my GUNS!!

  ~~~~~{ MY 2 Daughters }~~~~~
Both love cameras
One takes the pictures
The other poses
Just a sneak peak at Grace’s FALL photo shoot Nikki did last weekend to capture the last traces of summer….and our MUSE:)
See My GUNS?  Wish YOU had these don’t ya??  You KNOW I look good….lol!
POW ~ POW as Grace would say
C’mon Nikki…I was born for this
I dreamed a DREAM…one day it WILL come TRUE
Silly Girl….you make our HEARTS laugh…
Oh , by the way ~ I can’t sing opera….wink, wink
Those boots….
Thank you Nikki for taking our pictures and capturing the magical moments of life on ” film ”  You TRULY are blessed with a gift.  You at one time dreamed a DREAM.  Dreams are created in the heart of God and put in you to live out.  I love you girls….Mom

Grace’s 3rd Fall Fun Fest

::::::::{ Yes ~ Gymnasts DO have FUN }::::::::
ok … sometimes…lol!
Grace’s 3rd Fall Fun Fest Parade with her gym

This year it was just her and  I.  She’s growing up.  She used to say Mom , don’t leave ” and now she says, ” It’s OK Mom…go ahead and leave.” 

There is that moment between girlhood and young womanhood where “IT” happens.  I don’t know what ” IT ” is but they change.

It’s subtle…I let go..a little

I look back…she is laughing and talking with her friends…I kind of smile and turn around…I look down at the pile of warmups I end up holding for the girls..I’m proud of the young lady she is becoming…she catches my eye and knowingly sends me a reassuring smile
….somedays I like it best when she says don’t leave.

Always Building~


{ Trash to Treasure }

In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.
Jiddu Krishnamurti .

Before and After Pics!  This door came from a demo job and was going to the trash!  Now it is at home in my UNDER CONSTRUCTION CREATING SPACE…..Stay Tuned:)  I will try to get a before picture with the standard white door:)

Notice the ” authentic ” bird poop..:)

This door is going to take me into another world… another place…my place…my heart…  A place I was born to be…a place I’ve longed to be…a place I have feared to be.  This is where you will find the source of your inherited restlessness.  It was not by accident

Behind the vain work of men lies a Divine Design… Everything has to be right for it to begin.  Only God knows when that is…its purposed before time began.
I look up at Him and I am ready…I think.  He knows me so well  He can see through the rotting of my bones, the pain..hurt…anger..He sees my heart weep so tender to the touch….He longs to heal take the brokenness and mend it..nurse it back to wholeness.  He can…will I trust Him?  I don’t trust anybody really…myself maybe?  no… that is not true either.
In my life there has come a point where the Holy Spirit puts a unseen wall behind and says  ” not this time….your ready…you are not going backYou were BORN to be free…you have been caged for too long and by to many.  You don’t trust yourself yet – but you will learn FOR…You belonged the day you were born
so open this door…take MY hand and step…through this symbolic doorREMEMBER this door can be anywhere in the world.  It moves where you move…never forget that my child.  He cupped my tear streaked face gently – his thumbs brushing softly over my cheeks ” If only I could show you your future…what magic it holds you would so gladly run to it ~ you can trust me and know I will not ever leave you…no matter what you do to me or anyone and yes even yourself.”
Here’s my door … it came to me freely… it’s old and worn and most likely ready for the trash had it not spoken to me…we have something in common…me and that door

My REPURPOSED DOOR is symbolic for me 


It symbolizes : authenticity, dreaming big, finding the little girl and leading her home, freedom, new life

It is going to replace the existing door in what will soon be ” my space” to get to know me better…who I really am. 
Really soon….and I am so excited to see what my heart speaks as I look to make this space a place to grow up…would you join me on this adventure? 

Do you have any symbolic “doors” in your life to share?
I have got to think of a name for “my creating space”….hhhuuummm:)

Shall we walk through?


Always seem to be torn between Being and Doing…today I am going to start write down all the things I am grateful for…more of the BEING things not the usual cleaning house, kids, family, church, work things
All the BEING things..that is where the beauty lies.
I am LOVED just because I am.  I have to do NOTHING to earn it….thankyou
breath…a gift…totally not in my control…thankyou

ALL of my LIFE that has brought me to Here…to now…the lessons….thankyou
THE want in my heart to live authentically….thankyou
I am grateful for the gift of CHOICE

If it seems I can’t change my present circumstances at least I can choose how I respond to them.  Honor more moments of BEING rather than DOING…be active rather than passive.  Have no agenda and let my guard down to see what happens today.
BE conscience of these things today and who knows:)  I continue to write my grateful list….

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