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Rachel Zoe Here I Come!

:::::{ Are you a 40 year old still in teenage clothes or sweats, jeans and tshirts }:::::

I am…and I want to begin to dress like the woman I am becoming. 
Here’s the problem. I don’t know how. 
My only hope is buying what is on the mannequin…but it goes deeper than that

I am sure it stems from insecurities I have had since childhood resulting in me feeling
like a fish out of water when I try and “dress older”.  I don’t want to dress like an older woman and I don’t want to keep dressing like a teenager so what do I do? 

::::::Here is My Solution ::::::

Make a Fashion LOOKBOOK  { this is very cheap version…lol…one I just went a grabbed out of our school supply drawer }

I have been cutting out pictures from some of my favorite magazines/catalogues…{ mind you I don’t buy from these company’s I just wish over them }

I am learning what I like so when I see it ~ I am cutting it out and gluing it down!
NOW …the story gets better.  My daughter Grace did the gluing and the captions…I shared two of them with you.  The CAPTIONS are my favorite part!
I am keeping my LOOKBOOK in the car so when I am out shopping and need inspiration …. I have it.  I don’t need my daughters anymore.  I don’t care if people look at me funny with my cheap LOOKBOOK…it was created in love.  I can learn to shop like the grown up woman that I am not the scared little girl that my “HEART LIES  tell me I am. { they aren’t true :}
I will grow in confidence in my ability to pick out a new wardrobe.
NOW – what about you girls…anybody else like me?
I do shop the clothing section at the thrift stores as well and am finding a few brand name, nice quality clothes.  Having a LOOKBOOK will help you even on a budget.  You and I can recreate any look for much less.  I would LOVE to hear your ideas and feedback.

Can’t wait to go shopping can you?

P.S. ~ check out one of my favorite blogs I found through called Encouraging Words for Writers 
she is having a

 Please go check it out!


"Verse" Inspired Fall Mantle

:::::: { Fall Mantle }::::::

How can a Bible verse inspire a FALL MANTLE?

Psalm 120:5-6
sowing and reaping

and HARVEST was born – so I went with it.  It is a good word for the FALL season and it will take me right through Thanksgiving.


~ I tried bringing the verse to LIFE – put some skin on it if you will ~

~ bring nature inside…organic and earthy ~

~DETAILS I used  things I had around the house, filled them, tied them, mod podged them  and painted them~

Keep going until it “feels” right

I knew I wanted aged character and I did that by painting the fireplace mantle, hanging an old window over the insert { to somewhat hide it :}  I added FALL foilage…one of the twigs I collected while on my morning jog!
Candles, ribbon, twine, old books, mason jars, wire, pumpkins, cinnamon sticks all add to the story.
I mod podged a piece of plywood we cut to fit the insert with an old farmers almanac and then stamped the words family and Gather and a bird.
I typed the verse and mod podged it then I glazed over the whole thing.
I made the little wreath with wire and a deconstructed vine.
Unfortunately ~ I could not get rid of the speakers or tv
the vases { which I got for 4.00 ea. on clearance at JoAnn’s and I sprayed them black ~ They were copper}
kind of hide
the two side speakers.
Does any other woman deal with the TV issue…lol??

I made the HARVEST sign and the the OOPS! funny which you can see HERE.

Hope you ENJOY!

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Always Building~


Inexpensive Fall Sign

::::::::{ Sweet Fall Sign }::::::::
Salvation Army Frame { 2.98} + Creativity = GRATEFUL
A word that seems appropriate for the season AND a word I am focusing on daily in my own life
The neat thing is you can change this up by changing the paper, word and whimsy add ons!
{ 1 }
First I gathered supplies – paper, Cricut, mod podge, paint brush
{ 2 }

I then figured out what size the letters needed to be to be centered on the frame
I used the cardboard piece that was in the back of the frame and just mod podged the scrapbook paper to it and trimmed of excess with a craft knife.

{ 3 }

Cut out the letters and arrange them on the board in a pleasing way…..hopefully centered :)  Once I got it to look the way I liked it ( I used a cutting mat as a ruler and guide for a straight line to glue the letters permanently on)  I brushed on the Mod Podge on the back of each letter.
Stuck them all down.  Waited for them to dry a little.  Then I gave each letter a good topcoat of Mod Podge. 

{ 4 }

All that’s left is to ( clean the glass first ) stick it back into the frame and for a little whimsy I hot glued a felt flower I had made for my daughters hair but never used.



ENJOY creating a word sign for your family space!

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{This was in my inbox this afternoon from E-mealz and I thought it was worth sharing….enjoy!}
Today is Family Day, A Day to Eat Dinner with your Kids®, a National Day of
Observance the last Monday of every September which speaks to a huge
problem in our culture. Research shows that only one in five families eat
dinner at home together… but E-Mealz is trying to reverse that statistic!
Jane DeLaney, Founder and President of, says that dinnertime is
essentially a “unique capsule of time repeated over and over that helps to
seal in your children’s heart that they belong, they are loved, and they
are not ‘on their own.
’ Children and teenagers carry that comfort and
confidence with them forward into their own independent lives.” { highlighting from me}


How true is this!!??  We are going to try to do this at least every Wednesday when both kids are home early.  Has something reversed in our country where it is the kids we are waiting on to come home???


Always Building ~

Do I sound like I know what I’m talking about?

:::::::{MY AHA MOMENT }::::::: 

I am a novice…newbie…no design experience whatsoever….OK maybe HGTV watching counts??

FOR ME ~ I am inspired by many different styles. 
I have fallen into the trap of copying a certain “look” for lack of knowing what my “style” is. I confess…..

I don’t think I have a certain ” look “. I am beginning to like that about myself…to accept it ~ if you will. Well here is the first piece of ” MY STYLE ” puzzle!
I’m eclectic!

eclectic ~ not following any one system, as of philosophy, medicine, etc., but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.

Do you like eclectic style? Follow these tips to bring the look into your home. … Eclectic style encompasses a variety of periods and styles and is brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and finish

Here is “MY” GO TO GUIDELINES for creating my spaces!
{ FEEL }  

I HAVE to FEEL @ home in this room.  I don’t care if I recreate a room that looks just like the lettered cottage but I don’t feel like ME in it….it’s not.  IMPORTANT  ~ you have to FEEL the space for it to be authentic to you!!  Stay true to who you are regardless of what everyone else is doing.  Yes ~ even adults have decorating peer pressure.  Pretty soon there will be Bloggers Anonymous { BA Meetings} too funny:)


Words and their meanings.  “ Meanings ” mean something.  Word association can be a powerful tool in creating space.  Much like naming our children…we often look at the ” meaning ” of the name before choosing the name.   FAMILY is a word that I love.  IT(family) can mean many things to many people….I have been working on our living space and I think of the word FAMILY and what that looks like to me –  as I paint, buy, place furniture and pick out fabrics.  What are some of your words you use when you create a space?

{ COLOR } 

Vivid and Bright- warm and neutral – neutral with a mix of bright colors and so forth.  Color says alot about us as individuals and family units.  It sets the tone for the overall feel of a space.  Try as I might I ALWAYS come back to black…I don’t know why but I do…so I am going with it:)


These are harder for me.  I don’t naturally pick fabrics and textures out on my own.  I do know I like natural and organic things.  Things that feel pretty without to much processing….if that makes sense.  What I am doing ( as I’ve seen many others do ) is make an inspiration board or use a picture that you LOVE to go off of.  TV shows do that by recreating a look for a fraction of the original cost…why can’t we?:)  


this has been a learning curve for me..TO trust my gut.  I am having so much fun learning that it is in the details, the tiny things that make a difference.  I am learning { KEY WORD } that if I make a mistake…it is OK.  TRY AGAIN! Paint it over etc.  That is how we learn and it IS OK:) now if I can apply that to my children…I think I am being hypocritical…lol


I couldn’t help but mention this.  The foundation for my home is smell.  Weird…maybe:)  I love baked smells.  My house has candles and plug ins EVERYWHERE!  Pumpkin spice, harvest spice, hazelnut coffee …you get the idea.  Smells make the memories. My children will always associate these smells with home. { Dakota would come home and tell me that the girls at school said he smelled like maple syrup and they loved it….too funny }

Enough about my crazy little self!  I am thankful for my nice {and very long} wink, wink!! with my friend Elle this morning {see you can shorten your name}…lol.  It is a beautiful FALL day here so go have yourselves a wonderful FALL weekend!

Always Building ~