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:::blog change FYI:::

Last night my generous daughter Nikki….. has changed me from Blogger to WordPress!:) Pin It photo source: tumbler AWESOME + frustrating = Nikki is going to kill herself…lol I am super excited but there are a few bugs we are trying to work out so I am begging your patience. I don’t think you will […]

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Cleaning House

Pin It Photo Source here spaghetti sauce dried on the counter, sink full of dirty dishes, laundry so high, the seen mess is one thing us moms know this mess…daily.  It is like controlled chaos it is the unseen that eats me away and the closets : crammed..shut the door – hurry the basement..closing my eyes […]

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Dew on Tender Grass

I remember the desire to be all together yours I’ve tasted..left wanting more it has been a long time..returning to home to where I belong I belong here with YOU woo me to a sacred place where we spend hours together joy fills the space and seeps over I remember running my hand over the […]

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