3 ingredient peanut butter cookies

easy & delicious 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies

i just wanted to pop in here to share an easy recipe with you that i have made the last two weekends
with only 3 ingredients!

3 ingredient peanut butter cookie recipe

1/2 C. creamy peanut butter

3.4 oz package instant vanilla pudding mix

1 large egg

4 TB sugar ( to roll the balls in )


1.  preheat oven to 350 degrees and line baking sheet with parchment paper

2.  put peanut butter, pudding mix and egg into a medium mixing bowl.  stir until well combined.  with a medium

cookie scoop ( i just used a spoon ) form a ball and place into a bowl of sugar and roll it around.  place on cookie sheet about

an inch apart.  i make the little tic tac toe mark on top with a fork before i baked mine:)  bake for 12-15 minutes before removing.

makes about 9 servings  ( i triple this recipe )


on sundays i have been making a big pot of homemade chicken and noodles served over hot mashed potatoes

and heat up a crusty loaf of bread

and serve the cookies as dessert

it is called carb overload but it is a cozy and warm family meal that puts smiles on their faces

i hope it puts a smile on your families faces too!




Lemonade Makin Mama - I do believe I need this in my life. You are so cool.

we chose an artificial tree this year!

i grew up with real christmas trees and i will always love them.

there is nothing like the nostalgia of a real tree to remind me of my childhood.

with last years incessant vacuuming up pine needles from our lab bella’s tail swooshing past the tree didn’t help
and watering!  oh my, i am so thankful i don’t have to do any of that this year!

balsam hill tree

but when i was able to receive a balsam hill artificial tree i was eager to see if it was really as awesome as i’d heard

it arrived beautifully packaged wrapped in ribbon.  much like a fine piece of china.

putting it up was super easy and the lighting is amazing how it runs down the center nipping in the bud the fighting
of plugging in lots of plugs

it evoked lots of ohh’s and ahh’s from the kids and i.

the year before was an artificial tree and i honestly have to say that if i were to buy another artificial tree i
would definitely buy a balsam hill.  you won’t waste your money AND you will have a keepsake to hand down to your children!

last year we went with the live tree

2013 LOVE christmas mantle with a live tree

the year before an artificial tree

2012 rustic message christmas mantle with artificial tree

and we CAN’T WAIT to share our balsam hill tree with you this year…see you soon!




kc obrien - Hi Tiffani!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with this year! the last couple were adorable;) You have such a great sense of style! thanks for the inspo!

I was wandering if you ever received an email from me? I had sent one through your blog and I’m afraid it’s just not going through..??? Maybe I should try just sending it through my gmail…

Have a great day!
xo, kc

Janet - I am sure your tree will be beautiful. We are not sure what kind of tree we are putting up yet. I really do not want a big tree. I would prefer more of a Charlie brown Christmas tree.

Balsam Hill has beautiful items but most are not in my price range.

Have a beautiful day!!

Lemonade Makin Mama - I keep hearing about these trees!!! We went artificial last year too… we just had to for my sanity. Gosh I miss you. Playing catch up with your blog right now. So fun.

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do

hello everyone!  it’s me tiffini over at house of belonging
i will be short and sweet because if any of you are feeling frantic being torn by being a working mom & just a “mom” mom like
i have been lately

i took this last weekend and inserted some rest time for me
one of the things i wanted to do was have a sit-down dinner with the kids

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do - so you can concentrate on the most important thing - who is around the table

i wanted a SIMPLE PUMPKIN CENTERPIECE for the table
i wanted it to be FALLish not HALLOWEENish for this occasion
i remembered seeing a flower filled pumpkin on the cover of a magazine a few weeks back!

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do - so you can concentrate on the most important thing - who is around the table

here’s what i did

i ran to the local grocery store looking for creamy white flowers.  mind you we are in rural missouri so there isn’t markets everywhere
and the flower selection was scarce

mini roses were all they had in a white.  CHECK

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do - so you can concentrate on the most important thing - who is around the table

i had a pumpkin from our visit to the pumpkin patch with the grandkids.  CHECK

i hallowed out the inside
filled it with water
trimmed the stems down
and arranged the flowers in the pumpkin

we had leaves already so we made a little “blanket” of leaves to sit the pumpkin on
added a couple of our small pumpkins around.  CHECK

simple and pretty

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do - so you can concentrate on the most important thing - who is around the table

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do - so you can concentrate on the most important thing - who is around the table

at the end of the day it is those faces that matter
it’s not how fancy or expensive or perfect it seems

just taking a little extra time to make the table pretty
to be thankful to be able to sit around a table of food and enjoy one another


-you could use fall colored flowers or leaves

-you could use a white pumpkin or the brighter orange

various size pumpkins

-you can paint the pumpkins

-you could setup a little vignette of fall goodness and add in some halloween touches for the night

it will take you through until thanksgiving..just keep changing it up a little

have a fun and safe halloween…i think we are having a little fire pit time with smore’s and hotdogs
what plans do you have for halloween night?

see you next month:)


oh be sure your following our INSTAGRAM @houseofbelonging
we are getting ready to open a newly re-stocked t-shirt shop and ALL shirts will be ready to ship!
perfect for holiday gift giving:) image credit @honeyholden and @lydialovesmarcus



a “fast” fall wreath tutorial

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

happy almost fall everyone! fall is my favorite season..is it yours too?
if you don’t know it yet i am tiffini..from the house of belonging next door
hoping you’ll stop by soon for coffee and pumpkin donuts so we can talk about
our hearts for our home..our family..and one another

that is my favorite thing EVER…being inspired hearing your story and encouraging you by sharing my story within God’s story

that is my heart for this little post on a fall wreath..that it would encourage you to do just one simple thing to
make your home say ” come in – you belong here – you are LOVED!


-a pre-made fall wreath

-add-ons like leaves.pumpkins.pine cones.ribbon whatever

**wait for hobby lobby or Michael’s coupon for 40% off.  i got all of this for around 25.00!

-hot glue gun


glue it all on in whatever way you want.  it is THAT easy

( before )

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

my main complaint about pre-made wreaths is they are sparse.  you can pay 60 plus dollars for a stingy wreath.
i love FULL wreaths which is why this project makes perfect sense!

we chose this wreath because we loved the muted fall tones with touches of gold

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

the leaves made ALL the difference in giving the wreath the fullness i wanted

( after )

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial
a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

this project is not rocket science PLUS we saved at least 25.00 compared to buying a pottery barn wreath
so we went to Five Guys and had cheeseburgers, fries and a soda
it was worth every.single.penny

now go make a wreath. buy a wreath…or not...or maybe go have a greasy cheeseburger but whatever you do KNOW you are awesome
just the way you are.  wreath or not:)  i just hope this gives you just a little bit of fall encouragement

you can find me on instagram @houseofbelonging daily…that is my hangout place:) where you’ll be the first to know all of our new
signs and tee’s and upcoming NEW stuff that we have in the works…so come on over…we can’t wait to see you there!

1 way to celebrate fall with kids   {this is an awesome popcorn recipe btw}


love people everywhere fall table






Sheila Rumney - Thanks for the great tutorial on your beautiful fall wreath. Wishing you a wonderful autumn season.

Kelly Cach - Thank you for the encouragement. Hope you know how amazing you are, too!

new shirt shop & new “news”

good morning!  i have been MIA on the blog .. sorry!  life is happening..that is a good thing
but i miss writing and i am FULL of stories
to be honest i just don’t have a lot of extra time with working the business
but God has given us a testimony…out of a “test” that has been over 15 years long
with much grace and vulnerability i am going to begin writing our God- story…here

yes…old people still kiss
and no..it isn’t a “movie screen” shot but it
is every bit as precious to me!


#theartoflivingcourageously begins on the blog houseofbelonging.com

#theartoflivingcourageously begins on the blog houseofbelonging.com

our grand babies will be here in 2 days!  it has been 8 months since we’ve seen them
they live in florida
20plus hours in a car with 5 kids!  not sure i could do it
can’t wait to take lots of pictures and share them with you all!

my grand babies.  houseofbelonging.com

we have LOTS of new signs in the sign shop
have you seen them?

aedriel and us have collaborated on some and they are beautiful
christmas is around the corner…i know
i sigh too but this year i am not getting all caught up in the hype
keeping it simple

All that Glitters sign.  house of belonging Etsy shop

aedriel & house of belonging collaboration.  house of belonging Etsy shop

i don’t share much on our home but i thought i’d share a peek at our first real living room set
we have raised 5 kids and never had 1.) money and 2.) why buy new furniture with 5 kids right?
times have sure changed though since we raised our bunch though

we went to ikea and i am sold! #ikea
things are very well made and affordable enough for the average family
even if you save up for it piece by piece like we did

a peek into our #exodushome  houseofbelonging.com

we have a NEW SHIRT SHOP
this has got to be the biggest news
peeps are still trying to buy shirts from our Etsy sign shop
they are no longer there

click here for the SHIRTS

nikki is continually adding more so be sure to keep checking back
they would make awesome christmas gifts!

fun outfit for fall pumpkin patch visits!
God is within her tee from house of belonging shirt shop!
leopard flats a beanie and an a truth tee!  house of belonging shirt shop!
ok...so fun for sisters and moms to all wear right?  house of belonging shirt shop

be sure to follow us on INSTAGRAM @houseofbelonging for daily inspiration and shop news
that is where we hang out all of the time:)

love ya’ll….


Patty Page - I just can’t wait to hear your God story!

Kim - What is the name of that fantastic font for your sign in this post “Let her sleep….”?

Lemonade Makin Mama - Okay DYING to hear more about your romance!!!! So excited for you and you so relaxed and happy…. it’s like you’re blooming. My heart bursts for you friend. all the goodness here and cute house… yes show lots more of THOSE pics too. I can’t get enough.

Much love to you sweet girl!

Lisa - Yes… I love the font on “let her sleep” too… Do you have the name? I love your blog and all your work!